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Eric Firestone Law

Eric Firestone Law is one of New York State’s premiere legal practices. With a proven track record of success, Eric C. Firestone, Esq. and his team have represented countless sellers, purchasers, and lenders in a wide range of real estate transactions throughout New York State.

With over 27 years of experience in the field, Eric Firestone brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to each and every case. Our office is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station, and serves as a convenient hub for clients seeking top-tier real estate legal services.

The Heart of NY’s Real Estate Market
With over 27 years in practice, focusing on real estate law, Eric Firestone, Esq. and the Firestone Law practice offers an unparalleled level of legal representation, covering a wide spectrum of transactions. From residential and commercial purchases to lease agreements, property development and so much more – Firestone Law has seen and done it all – assisting clients in achieving the very best results possible along the way!

With a high-level service that’s built on experience, and warm, compassionate, transparent customer service, Firestone Law is here to help clients deal with the complications involved in the New York State real estate market. Whether you’re an individual buyer, a business owner, or a lending institution, Eric Firestone Law provides comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.


At Eric Firestone Law, our clients’ satisfaction and success are our top priorities. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of real estate legal help, backed by Eric Firestone’s meticulous nature and extensive experience. Our attention to detail, strategic insights, and commitment to providing personalized services set us apart as a trusted partner in the intricate world of New York real estate.


  • Experience: With over two decades of practice, Eric Firestone, Esq. brings an unmatched level of experience to every case.
  • Comprehensive Services: We represent sellers, purchasers, and lenders, offering a full suite of real estate legal services under one roof.
  • Prime Location: Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Firestone Law ensures easy accessibility – servicing clients across New York, Long Island, and beyond!
  • Meticulous Approach: Eric Firestone’s meticulous nature ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, benefiting clients in various real estate transactions and issues.
  • Proven Results: Our clients consistently commend us for our exceptional legal support, dedication, and results-oriented approach.

Get Started Today!
For more information on any of the services offered at Firestone Law, or to schedule your 1-on-1 legal consultation, be sure to contact Eric Firestone and the team at Firestone Law today.


Drawing upon 22 years of extensive experience, Eric C. Firestone, Esq. is poised to provide unparalleled representation to his clients, combining knowledge, warmth, and conscientious communication through every step of a real estate transaction.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Eric’s firm is steps away from Grand Central Station, offering a convenient meeting place for clients traveling to and from the city. Eric is also able to meet his clients at his Fresh Meadows Queens office.

Eric Firestone Law serves all of New York State, from the tip of Long Island to the New York-Canadian border, and everything in between.

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